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Korean food is well-known globally for being spicy, flavorful and delicious. But did you know that Korean cuisine also offers numerous health benefits? Korean food NYC is so healthy that South Korea boasts of an obesity rate of just 3.5 percent. Now, contrast that obesity rate with the likes of the United States (34.4%), the U.K (25%), Mexico (30%) and New Zealand (25%).

Many may attribute such low obesity rate to genetics of Asians in comparison with Caucasians – the latter being bigger in build than the former etc. – but that’s not true either. Koreans are healthier than many people largely because of their diet, proof of which is the Cambridge World History of Food’s report that the average Korean meal contains 13 percent less fat than those found in the diets of Americans and Europeans.

General Health Benefits of Korean Cuisine

Aside from the fact that Korean food lends itself well to a non-obese population, it also offers many other health benefits. Said benefits to good health will not come as a surprise once the ingredients, condiments and materials used as well as the cooking tools, techniques and technologies applied are considered.

The most common ingredients

The most common ingredients used in Korean food NYC are vegetables, which we all know to be full of the macronutrients and micronutrients essential in the maintenance of good health. From the side dish to the main dish and from fresh to fermented, vegetables like cabbages, bean sprouts and spinach are generously used. Add in the generous uses of garlic, ginger and other beneficial spices and Korean cuisine is very healthy.

The cooking techniques and technologies

Meat, by contrast, is used sparingly which magnifies Korean cuisine’s health benefits. Even when it is a meat dish, the Koreans prefer the lean and healthy types like lean beef, chicken breasts and fatty fishes. As a result, the risks for cardiovascular diseases are significantly lower, thanks to lower saturated fat and cholesterol content in Korean cuisine.
The cooking tools, techniques and technologies used for preparing Korean food NYC are the healthy types. Grilling, stir-frying, stewing and fermenting are the most popular ways to cook Korean cuisine, all of which means that the foods are cooked in their own juices. In contrast, many foods in countries with high obesity rates like the United States are deep fried in vats of oil.

Nutrition Information of Korean Foods

Each of the popular Korean foods has its own health benefits by virtue of the ingredients and cooking techniques used on it. A discussion on the health benefits of Korean cuisine will not be complete without mention of kimchi, a traditional spicy Korean condiment served from morning till night in virtually all dishes. It is known to improve the circulatory system because of the garlic, fish paste and chilli as its main ingredients.

Korean food NYC

Adopting a Korean diet could help improve your health, help you lose weight, prevent diseases and improve your general well being, as the Korean wave continues to gather steam and spread around the world, don’t miss out of one of the worlds most interesting cultures. If you have not yet developed a taste for Korean food NYC, you should. It will pay off big when your strength and stamina grow. At Seoul Garden, You can find different tastes when you visit the most established Korean restaurant in New York City. Seoul Garden is a Korean BBQ restaurant, but is not only limited to meat. The restaurant can accommodate up to 200 guests, and we have a large variety of menus you will love, from Korean BBQ to soft Tofu stew and Seafood pancakes to dumplings, etc.! Taste the best Korean food NYC at Seoul Garden. Call us at 212-736-9002 for more information.

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